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Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle

Oct 21, 2011 0m KR
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  • Reality


Law of the Jungle is a hybrid reality show combining elements of drama and documentary. The show is hosted by comedian Kim Byung Man, and each episode invites various celebrities from the various field. So far, many of idol stars and famous actors have appeared on the show. The show introduces viewers to exotic locations around the world where celebrities must work together in order to complete missions and survive. The cast celebrities travel to less habituated, natural places to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people. In each location, the guests are tasked to hunt and prepare their meals and also create shelter for the tribe. They sometimes confronted by many difficult challenges. Where will the tribe visit? And how will they survive on their own? Stay tuned to check out!

Title Law of the Jungle
First Air Date Oct 21, 2011
Last Air Date Jul 13, 2019
Episodes 385
Seasons 8
Keywords survival